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We work mainly with large contractors, meaning your role will most likely (but not exclusively) be on large construction sites. We work with all trades, depending on the needs of our clients at the time. We take a personal approach to labor supply. We speak with you before all placements and a thorough interview will take place. This is to ensure the job is right for you and you are right for the job.

We understand that qualifications and certifications will vary from state to state. Therefore, we work with you before the placement to ensure your qualification is notarised and “translated” into the Irish or British equivalent. This is important because Irish contractors will want to ensure you are qualified for the job. If you come from a non-EU country, it will also be used to determine your eligibility for a work permit.

Trades and professions we hire:

We source and supply highly skilled and competent workers for specific jobs. We work with all trades and professionals in the construction sector, but no 2 roles, or requirements, are the same. Whether it’s a plumber with HVAC experience or an electrical engineer for a fit-out company- we can help.

We thoroughly interview and vet all potential workers, so you don’t have to. This is important since not all applicants that look good on paper are suitable for your role. Working with the Resource Group you can be sure you get the right person for the right job.


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