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About the resource guys

The Resource Guys are a driven team, based in Ireland and the UK, focused on two things: providing candidates for vacant jobs and providing jobs for people looking for work. We focus on the construction sector in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike many organizations in our industry, the Resource Guys take a personal approach to labour supply. We know each of our workers on a personal basis and we have very close relationships with the contractors to whom we supply labour. We are people focused and not numbers focused.

We believe in fitting the right person to the job – not just “filling a gap”. Through years of experience in this industry, we understand that it is not only the work that’s important. If a client moves country to take up a position through us, we understand it’s also important they feel happy, safe, and fulfilled in their new home. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure they speak the local language (English), understand the culture, and make friends locally. We find this sets the foundation for a much better integration, a happier worker, and benefits for all.


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